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CAPS Kurrawang Primary school is part of the CAPS Board, which was incorporated in 1980.  The vision of the board is to provide Christ centred education to help shape and grow future generation, specifically Indigenous students.

The CAPS Board is the governing body for the three campuses:

  • CAPS Coolgarde

  • Wongutha CAPS and

  • CAPS Kurrawang. 

The board consists of office bearers (Chair Person, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary) and other members.




The vision focuses on achieving success through an education that is underpinned by Christ-centred approach and by:
  • Faithfully presenting the message of salvation to the children in order for them to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

  • Fostering an environment where children are challenged to walk in obedience to God’s word.

  • Recognising the importance of having a direct partnership between the parents and teachers in the education of the children.

  • Promoting a safe and loving learning environment where each child is valued and known as an individual.

  • Offering an environment that supports academic excellence in order to hold our students to high expectations. 

  • Fostering the intrinsic desire to learn so that all students feel they can be successful and recognise learning can be fun and exciting.

  • Fostering opportunities to participate in activities which promote confidence and communication skills

  • Providing quality teachers by ensuring our teachers receive innovative education practices through professional learning.


Our vision for the students at CAPS Kurrawang is to provide a solid Christian foundation that teaches children to live for the glory of God, thus leading them towards being productive and strong individuals who can contribute positively to their family, their immediate community and the wider community.

“Extending God’s Grace”

Our vision and mission is underpinned by our core values:
  • Humility: demonstrating character that thinks more highly of others and extends grace.

  • Self-control: regulating behaviour and responding to conflict God’s way.

  • Integrity: being accountable for individual behaviour, with a desire to seek the truth, honesty, and wisdom in all things.

  • Generosity: a willingness to serve others and give back to community.

  • Honour: treating others with respect, valuing the individual and promoting a sense of belonging for all.

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