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Literacy & Numeracy
Our school has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy and endeavours to provide the best teaching programs to ensure successful learning


Reading & Comprehension:  We are proud to have established a strong phonics program using Lighthouse Education Ministries (LEM) phonics and SHARP Reading.


Through these programs the students have a strong foundation to become independent readers.

2017 Reading Target – 70% of student at reading age level

  • February 6% at or above reading age level (1 out of 14)

  • June 32% at or above reading age level (6 out of 14)

  • December prediction minimum  62% (10 out of 14) at or above reading age level, with every student making improvements

Spelling & Grammar:  LEM also produce a spelling and grammar program. This program focus on the students learning spelling rules.

Dictation & Writing:  Students working at Year 2 - 6 partake in weekly dictation activities and the school employs Talk 4 Writing.


Currently the school favours PRIME Maths for numeracy, as well as equipping our students with strategies for mental maths

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